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Lipton green tea – attribute of healthy lifestyle

Lipton green tea is a leader and an expert on processing of the authentic green tea. Today green tea is extremely popular among healthy and active lifestyle followers all over the world. Thanks to combination of natural properties of antioxidants and the cleansing effect of water Lipton green tea helps you to clean your body naturally day after day. Lipton continues pleasing the connoisseurs of green tea with great varieties of flavor of this amazing drink. Every variety of green tea offered by Lipton enjoys much popularity! Presently the curative effects of green tea against the original black`s are indisputable. Green tea contains strong antioxidants (catechines-organic substances belonging to the family of flavonoids) protecting against cancer.

It also decreases the risk of death from heart attack, treats food poisoning, removes harmful substances from body, treats hangover, prevents prostate enlargement, fortifies bones, and improves immune system. However, tea, especially green tea is not recommended to take before sleep, since it may cause sleeplessness. In the new collection of Lipton green tea the connoisseurs of green tea can find another two novelties: classic green tea and green tea with mint. In the process of manufacturing green tea the stage of fermentation (i.e. oxidation) is skipped. Besides that, the tea leaves are dried laid loose under impact of vapor and high temperature.

Thanks to it green tea preserves maximum of its natural healthy properties. A number of scientific researches showed that the antioxidants contained in green tea can strengthen the protective functions of human body, slow down the aging process, help remove toxins from body, normalize digestion, support normal arterial pressure and fortify immune system. Lipton green tea is the most pleasant way to clean your body naturally with the power of antioxidants and cleansing effect of clean water from the mountain springs! The new collection of Lipton green tea does not only take care of your health, but also gives you pure joy thanks to its rich taste and fresh aroma of green tea and other natural ingredients.

Lipton green tea is a classic green tea the great taste of which is distinguished for its authenticity, nobleness and profoundness; and the aroma - for its freshness and richness. This tea is the choice of those who seek harmony of taste and health benefits!

Enjoy authentic Lipton tea

At present a significant range of Lipton tea is presented on world market. Every tea fan can choose a flavor to his liking- from original black tea suitable for everyday use to the most sophisticated blends. White Lipton tea is a rear and valuable tea blend. It is only picked just several days in spring. Red Lipton Tea is one of the most aromatic teas, at the same time it has many useful properties. Invigorating Lipton Yellow Label awakens joy and happiness favoring every new day 1with a smile. Lipton Yellow Label tea is a source of theanine - natural substance which helps to appease, concentrate and succeed in life.

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